TerraPan Labs, LLC is an official North American reseller of EnsoMOSAIC software developed by MosaicMill

EnsoMOSAIC automatically produces ortho-mosaics from airborne digital images and scanned air photos by performing automated feature extractionto create a fully editable bundle block. EnsoMOSAIC processes small, medium and large format digital aerial photos collected from both unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or any other frame-based airborne sensor.




  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Image mosaicking
  • Block and tie point editing
  • Color balancing
  • Generation of a digital elevation model
  • Creation of digital surface model

EnsoMOSAIC can generate digital elevation models at a fraction of the cost of LiDAR or detailed ground survey data collection!

aas_mosaic3D aas_dem


EnsoMOSAIC 3D, an extension to EnsoMOSAIC, permits the production of detailed Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and facilitates 3D mapping from imagery or LiDAR point clouds. 

Features include:

  • Stereoscopic 3D data acquisition from aerial images
  • Process point data from LiDAR
  • Generate elevation models from point data
  • Visual overlay of image data and elevation data




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After downloading and installing the trial software, please follow these steps to activate your license. 

For more information about EnsoMOSAIC software, please visit the MosaicMill Website.